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Free all-in-one platform (marketplace) to connect, engage and recruit students & engage with universities and other service providers.

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Networking opporunites through one to one online meetings, Industry summits / webinars, Presentations by immigration departments etc...

Industry Knowledgebase including latest news, policy changes guidelines, immigration statastics to understand overall scenario etc...

How it Works

Fill in the short online form and provide information about your business

Include authentic credentials of your business to attract more students and universities. 

Give a couple of minutes for our algorithms to do some magic and cross check your credentails

You will recive account details and can start growing your business

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Manager, Study World


Having at least one credentials from these: AAERI Member, AIRC Member, ENZRA Member, British council trained agency, ICEF trained, EATC Qualified 

Business must be at least 5 years old. Believe in a strong relationship with students and institutes.

A business should be a registered Indian entity.

Only marketplace platform for study abroad industry

“A revolution in study abroad industry. There are many edutech solutions out there, but this probably has the biggest impact on the industry”  - Manish Agrawal


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May 2021

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